JW Puppy Tug-ee Ring

JW Puppy Tug-ee Ring

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The JW® Puppy Toy Collection is designed for puppies and their unique needs. More than a toy, we focus on enriching playtime through intelligent designs and creating fun discoveries for puppies as they explore their new world. The Tug-ee Ring Puppy Toy keeps fun going and going during playtime and helps build strong bonds between pet-parents and their puppies through interactive playtime. The Tug-ee Ring is made from certified, non-toxic durable rubber that is gentle on your puppy's mouth as they tug and chew on the toy. Designed just for puppies, the Tug-ee Ring stands up to sharp puppy teeth and is perfectly sized for small puppy mouths. Get a fun game of tug-o-war or fetch going with the JW Tug-ee Ring Puppy Toy. This product ships in two assorted colours: pink or green.

Dimensions: 8.9cm x 8.9cm x 1.3cm (LxWxT)

PRODUCT NOTE: For supervised play only. Know your puppy and choose the appropriate size and type of toy to prevent choking or other harm. Inspect this toy regularly; if the toy is damaged or if parts become separated, remove toy and parts as injury may result. Not a child's toy.

Key Features:

  • Designed for puppies and their unique needs
  • Perfectly sized for small puppy mouths
  • Made from certified, non-toxic durable rubber
  • Great for fetch, tug, & chew