Goughnuts Stick
Goughnuts Stick
Goughnuts Stick
Goughnuts Stick

Goughnuts Stick

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✓ There’s nothing better than the Goughnuts Stick for an active game of fetch to encourage your puppy’s natural instincts or for use as a proper training tool for your trusty partner.
​✓ Engineered and crafted in the USA from 100% natural rubber, this Goughnuts toy is constructed of two layers - the exterior which indicates its overall strength, and the inner core indicator that lets you know when it’s time to “stop” and take advantage of our 1-Time Replacement Guarantee
  • This stick toy is engineer-designed and made from virtually indestructible material. Built for long-lasting use.

  • Ideal for small-breed dogs who are tough chewers.

  • Designed for safety—the 2-layer design is built with a red safety indicator that lets pet parents know if the central core has been reached.

  • Perfect for fetching and chomping. Encourages activity and supports a healthy lifestyle.

  • Easy to clean, simply use warm water to wipe the ring toy clean after a long day of playing.

Small ".75" Orange Stick

  • Dimensions: 1.31 inch cross section/7.25 inch length 

  • Suitable for dogs 10-25lbs

  • Durability Scale Score: 50

Medium "Original" Yellow Stick

  • Dimensions: 1.75 inch cross section/9.75 inch length 

  • Durability Scale Score: 70