Fern’s Lucky Dip!!
Fern’s Lucky Dip!!

Fern’s Lucky Dip!!

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Part of Ferns (age 5) Covid-19 “home schooling” during our initial lockdown was helping me with orders - measuring and weighing boxes, taping them shut, cutting out and sticking on courier tickets. 

And then our latest task was to wrap up a bunch of “lucky dip” items - Fern loves wrapping things and then she practiced writing numbers and letters on the packages.  Fern is also learning about how people have to go to work to earn the money that we spend. 

So here we bring you Ferns Lucky Dip!  $2 from every one sold will go to her piggy bank for her to spend once we are allowed to go to the shops - or she could try her hand at online shopping too! 

Assorted packages to suit different size dogs with assorted toys/chews/accessories from our shop. 

Each package is worth a lot more than what you pay for it!!

Size option is the size of the dog - ie small is suitable to small dogs :)

Or if you want to spend more money let us know about your dog and we can custom make you a bigger lucky dip! 

(prices are plus courier and we ship nationwide within NZ!)