Double Ended Bungee
Double Ended Bungee

Double Ended Bungee

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A new option in our range of hand made in NZ dog toys!

Featuring bungee in the middle and fluff at each end this toy is approximately 1.3m long and has a loop at each end so you can attach two toys of your choice to it! And you can swap your attached toys over at any stage as they aren’t permanently attached! 

The length makes this great for puppies trying to encourage chase and prey drive, and adult dogs when you want to reward your dog on the ground and move it away for them to chase. 

I use mine with my pup and adult dogs for teaching an array of things including:
•Self control/impulse control games
•Cone and wing wraps 
•Recall games - chase me! 

These are currently being made so if you have a special colour combo request let us know!!
WEBBING - black, red, purple, yellow, blue
FLUFF - pink, purple, royal blue, aqua blue, black, green, red, rainbow

NOTE: Attachments pictured with the bungee are not included, you can order those from these attachment options:
Mop -
Inflation ring -
Hol-ee Roller -
Fluffy ball attachments -
Puller -