Learn: Puppy Party

Tarah has recently completed Dr Ian Dunbars SIRIUS Dog Trainer Academy’s Programme and we are excited to bring you our new PUPPY PARTY class!

This class is specifically for puppies between 8-16 weeks old (had first vaccination) and is focused on OFF LEAD PLAY and some FOUNDATION TRAINING.

It is a 3 week course, one night per week for approximately one hour.  

Your dog will learn:

*How to play nicely with other puppies and dogs
*Bite inhibition (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bite_inhibition)
*Socialising with other people, children and other animals (chickens and stock if nearby)
*Confidence in new places, with new and unusual things
*Sit, down and stay
*To come when called
*To be happy with being handled
And much more!

You will learn:
*About reward based dog training
*Some training tips and techniques to work on with your dog each week
*About toilet training your pup
*Games to play so your dog learns to have fun with you
And much more!

You will also be able to contact us during these 3 weeks with any questions or concerns you may have regarding raising your puppy.


*Shine Canine Ebook
*Dr Ian Dunbars 2 Ebooks: “Before you get your puppy” and “After you get your puppy”
*3 x 1 hour lessons/play sessions