**NEW** Online Training Community

People often think they don’t need to train their puppy - until they have an unruly dog!  The time to train your puppy (or dog) is RIGHT NOW, there’s no need to wait, and no need to leave the house!!

Join us on our training journey from pup (6 weeks) to teen!  While the training will be done with our puppy, it CAN be done with ANY AGE DOG! :) 

Azmin was born and raised with us here at Shine Canine and trained from 3 weeks old in the “Puppy Zen” program, with support from Mark Vette - Animal Behaviourist.

We will be sharing photos and training videos about EVERYTHING that we are training, starting right from scratch!  We are not going to list what we will be doing as there will be a LOT of content, from basic obedience training, tricks, some fitness work and foundation agility work.

We will also have files available in the group which can be accessed by all group members:
*Shine Canine Ebook
*Dr Ian Dunbar Ebooks x2
*Training notes

My name is Tarah and I have a Certificate in Canine Behaviour and over 15 years experience in helping other people to train their dogs. I also compete in dog agility, and Azmin is the next pup to train up for the agility ring  

We have two options:

1) Audit only - watch and comment on posts
$60 for 6 months - only $2.30 per week!!

2) Feedback - as per audit but you can also post your videos for feedback and training help.
$120 for 6 months - only $4.61/week (less than the price of a cup of coffee!)

Payment options may be available if required. 

PLUS take option 2 and enter into the drawer to win a copy of the “PUPPY ZEN” BOOK AUTOGRAPHED BY MARK VETTE AND A CLICKER!!

*You will need a login for FACEBOOK to access this community.
*Payment is for the full year, there is no refund or money back as you will get A LOT of content in the first few months

To get started on your dog training journey, you can email us at shinecanine@gmail.com