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Lucy the Border Collie/Husky loves her Puller! Her Mum and I took her and Ember for a walk down to the beach today for a swim and a play. Great that the Puller also floats, as well as being lightweight, soft to sink teeth into and odorless.

PULLER – is the innovative fitness tool for dogs developed by professional cynologists.
It’s a set of two purple rings that provides daily active training andalso an opportunity for the owner to gain bond with his dog.
PULLER gained the fame and recognition among the trainers and dog owners due to the unique concept of two rings. A set of activities and exercises based on two PULLER rings and tandem technique the owner + dog and two PULLER rings, significantly improves the understanding between the dog and the owner.

*Light *Soft *Floats *Odourless

These also work great to attach to our bungee handles! 

Check out their website for more information...